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  • Cummins TDCI 4-cylinder engine

    Air-air inter cooling system with parallel radiator

    Dual-pump double-circuit constant power control hydraulic system

    Multi-purpose true color monitor with large screen

    No frame cab glasses to enlarge the visual field

    High performance and healthy A/C allows the air circulate

    Comfortable suspension seat with hydraulic damper

    Safe and comfortable cabin with 2.7m³ inner space

    Reasonable layout of robust main frame

    X-shaped undercarriage with heavy-duty box structure

    Free maintenance track with non- lubricated pins

    Heavy-duty boom and arm with high strength low alloy structural steels

    Heavy-duty bucket with high strength and wear-resistant steels

    Download Product Brochure电子游艺游戏平台

    Model CDM6225
    GeneralOperating weight( kg)21800
    Standard bucket(m³)1.1
    Bucket range(m³)0.8-1.1 
    Ground pressure(kPa)51
    Travel speed(km/h)3.33/5.54 
    Swing speed (rpm)11.6
    Gradeability35° (70%)
    EngineModelCummins 6BTAA5.9-C (Euro II)
    Rated power(Kw(hp)/rpm)112 (150) /1950 
    Displacement (L)5.9
    Fuel tank(L)380
    Hydraulic SystemMax.pressure of Implements(MPa)34.3
    Max. flow of system( L/min)208×2 
    Hydraulic oil tank(L)280
    Working DeviceBoom length(mm)5675
    Arm length(mm)2920
    Bucket radius(mm)1452
    Digging ForceMax. arm digging force (SAE/ISO)(kN)102/105
    Max. bucket digging force (SAE/ISO)(kN)135/158
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